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Who is behind Kitchen Sanctuary?

Kitchen sanctuary is the brainchild of wife and mother of two, Nicky, working and living out of Cheshire in the United Kingdom. For years she worked in the field of Information Technology until leaving in July of 2014 to focus on blogging and creating incredible recipes which she shares online full-time. This turned out to be a double blessing as it also allowed her to spend more time at home with her children and do what she loves most: making a home cooked meal for her family.

What is Kitchen Sanctuary?

There are many ways to describe Kitchen Sanctuary; it is a foodie blog, entrepreneurial inspiration, resource for begging bloggers but, most of all, it serves as a kind of online cookbook full of amazing recipes. Between stories of brunch and motherhood you get examples of delicious dishes and desserts that are to die for. One of the greatest tools her blog has to offer is a recipe index.

The recipe index is an ingenious tool that lets you search every recipe that home chef Nicky has ever posted. You can search by type of food (soups, salads, fish dishes), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), or even the posted month. If you need something specific, there is also an open-ended search bar you can use. No matter what, Nicky will have a recipe and a story to satisfy any possible craving.

When Did She Start?

Like many entrepreneurs, and especially those who operate online, Kitchen Sanctuary started as a side project for Nicky as a hobby and income supplement for her day-job in information technologies. Then, like many online entrepreneurs, she was able to quit her day job once her online work began to take off. She officially left IT in July of 2014 and has been loving her life ever since!

How Does She Make Her Money?

As always, the question we’ve all been waiting for: how much and how does Nicky make her money. Luckily, like many bloggers nowadays, Nicky has been posting her monthly income reports online since October of 2015. Unfortunately, the last available report is from April of 2017 so we don’t know how much she’s made in the past five months as she switches over to a new blogging site but check out how much she’s made so far in the chart below!

The first month Nicky reported her income, she made $1,561.83; this most recently published month, she made $11,999.80. As you can see, her growth has been steady since she started publishing her reports and positively exponential in the past few months. In total, she has made $77,569.44 in reported income to date and has averaged $4,082.60 per month. Since the last few months are not yet published, it is entirely possible that Nicky has since passed making six-figures online, and that is truly astounding.

So how does this income breakdown? Well if we look at her most recent breakdown, we can get a better idea of where her income comes from. Here is the income breakdown from the Kitchen Sanctuary income report for April 2017:


Freelance Writing & Video: $8,211.66

MediaVine: $1,771.14

Sponsorships: $1,131.57

Amazon Affiliate: $8.89

FoodBloggerPro Affiliate: $129.10

Tailwind Affiliate: $0.00

StudioPress Genesis Theme Affiliate: $0.00

eBook #1 Sales: $9.98

Food Photography Sales: $29.00

eBook #2 Sales: $0.00

YouTube Ads: $0.18

Stock Photography Sales: $996.83


One thing that is cool about Nicky’s income reports is that she also lists her expenses. For all the money she made, the most amazing thing is that it cost her under $300 to do so giving her a net profit of $11,999.80. It is also great to see how diversified her income is with her income report including several revenue streams that are new and, while not big earners yet, are being set up for the future where she will likely end up earning even more.

Check out her full income reports here:

October 2015: $1,561.83

November 2015: $1,958.34

December 2015: $2,727.99

January 2016: $2,038.37

February 2016: $3,379.32

March 2016: $2,078.15

April 2016: $2,112.56

May 2016: $2,038.73

June 2016: $3,036.08

July 2016: $2,370.81

August 2016: $2,701.24

September 2016: $3,563.88

October 2016: $5,416.60

November 2016: $6,195.34

December 2016: $5,860.91

January 2017: $3,909.29

February 2017: $4,174.46

March 2017: $10,446.08

April 2017: $11,999.80

Why Should I Follow Kitchen Sanctuary?

  • You’re a beginning, intermediate, or expert cook looking to try out new recipes.
  • You’re a foodie looking for “foodspiration”.
  • You enjoy fun stories and anecdotes centered around food.
  • You’re looking to start a blog of your own and you need advice or inspiration.
  • You’d like to see an excellent example of someone who has a phenomenal entrepreneurial-family balance and has been exceptionally successful doing it.

Where Can I Follow Kitchen Sanctuary?

One of the keys to operating online is to expand and diversify your social media reach. For Nicky, this meant moving beyond her kitchen and into everywhere else. From Instagram to Twitter there is always a place for you to gaze upon her tasty creations and discover new recipes for yourself.







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